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Hi, My name is Jason Wong , my vision is to be the leading and preferred provider of business consultancy services in Singapore, coaching top property agents and insurance agents incorporating industry best practices, endless improvement, and innovations.

I ensure to give my best effort in several ways. I guarantee to provide quality services to clients and communities. And, through NPS surveys and feedback requests from my clients, I am able to define what "Best services" means to everyone, which helps to continuously reflect and improve.

Net Promoter Score of the best brand strategy consulting firms

Net Promoter Score

Every moment I engage in a project, I send survey data to my partners to get their feedback on my service. I use this data to keep my Net Promoter Score current. I am pleased that my current NPS rating of 70 classifies as "World Class."

I use the comments and feedback I got to guide ongoing development. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I receive validates my relationship-led approach, ability to deliver on promises, and dedication to demonstrate the competence to provide the best services.


Recruitment Consultancy

We provide one of the best recruitment consultancies in Singapore and we can work together with different recruitment agency such as insurance recruitment agency to assist small business owners and solopreneurs on how to recruit insurance agent in Singapore while creating and managing specialized support team members and mentoring for agency manpower growth in order to boost productivity, cut expenses, and accelerate economic growth.

We would also be delighted to discuss how we could help you on your property recruitment agency in Singapore on how to recruit property agent that can help you to achieve success and to bring career breakthrough for property agent as well.

top recruitment agencies in singapore
Leadership & Management Consultancy

Leadership & Management Consultancy

Leadership consultancy services is a comprehensive approach to examine and maximize the leadership potential of a business. It is a method for targeting the entire leadership structure and bringing it in line with what the organization is. We are also one of excellent management consulting firms in Singapore. We offer Management consultancy provides business owners with professional solutions and strategies to enhance the overall performance of a business which includes governance, operation, strategies, organization, marketing , and finance. 

Agency Branding Consultancy

We are one of the best brand strategy consulting firm where we provide agency branding consultancy that includes developing, organizing, launching, and managing branding strategies , as well as providing assistance with advertising and other types of promotion.

Agency Branding Consultancy
Group Sales Consultancy

Group Sales Consultancy

Group sales consultancy provides professional advice outlined to improve and enhance the existing processes and strategies that can help to enhance the overall sales of a business.

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We ensure that all of our services are provided with excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency. Learn more about our services and how we can provide career breakthrough for insurance agent and/or property agent to support your success.

Experienced Consultants

Has decades of experience conducting leadership coaching for mid career swticher and market research to provide useful and real-world knowledge that can impart to your success.

Expand Your Business

I help my clients plan and develop growth strategies for their organizations.

Improve Profitability And Effectiveness

An expert in new developments and helps businesses find more effective ways to boost profitability and efficiency.

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Let us help you climb the mountain of success by providing proven strategies, innovation, and expertise to establish your organization's growth.


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