Developing Highly Effective Leaders

1. Developing highly effective leaders

Description of an effective leader

It is crucial to have highly efficient leaders in our competitive world who can guide their team members to attain success while maintaining the proper mindset and attitude to overcome obstacles. Setting up systems and procedures and managing a team in accordance with policies and guidelines are only a portion of what leadership entails.

High-performing leaders are able to grow, inspire, and enable those around them to produce excellent results for the organization. This program teaches managers the knowledge, abilities, and mindset necessary to become high-performing leaders.

Course objective for developing highly effective leaders

This course is designed to provide managers and group leaders with the knowledge, skill sets, and mindset necessary to be highly effective leaders in order to accomplish organizational objectives and enhance the potential and abilities of their team members.

Our coaching is based on adult education principles, we place a strong emphasis on experiential learning activities, interactions between students in small groups and the whole class, and skill-based practice sessions. This approach speeds up adult learning, increases retention, and emphasizes application to practical situations. The workshops must also be interesting and enjoyable for the attendees.

After completing the developing efficient leaders

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Use the high-performance principles to your advantage.
  • Apply the right leadership and interpersonal skills in a variety of situations.
  • Hone your abilities and skills
  • Encourage staff to implement positive changes
  • Effectively give employees responsibility
  • Cultivate strong bonds of trust with coworkers and others
  • Engage and enlist employees for improved work output

The target audience of developing highly efficient leaders

General managers, Senior leaders, Managers or team leaders who motivate team members to higher levels of performance, assess capabilities and develop talent & skills in employees.

2 days

$ 7550

Presented by JW

Coaching To Develop Performance And Capabilities

2. Coaching To Develop Performance And Capabilities

Definition of good abilities of a leader

One of the most crucial leadership abilities to develop is mentoring staff for growth, development, and better performance. While many managers are adept at getting things done, they lack the capacity to foster employee development. Employee demotivation, a leadership succession gap, and poorly skilled staff with a silo mentality lacking self-responsibility are the long-term effects.

Coaching is not about directing, telling or advising. Managers who want to become expert coaches and leaders can learn and hone this specialized conversation technique intended to bring the best in people. When conducting performance reviews, where the manager assists the employee in identifying their areas of strength and potential for growth, sets performance goals and objectives, reviews accomplishments, and rewards performance, this skill is even more important.

This course emphasizes the leadership soft skills of coaching, in contrast to other courses of a similar nature available on the market where the emphasis is on managing systems and processes. Instead of managing people through systems and processes, it is crucial for leaders to be able to engage, inspire, and facilitate self-discovery and alter through the coaching approach.

Course objective for coaching to advance performance and capabilities

The purpose of this course is to provide the participant the fundamental coaching knowledge and abilities needed to improve and develop the performance and potential of employees. The most recent industry skill requirements will be explained to learners, who will then use their coaching abilities to create learning and development plans that are in line with their organization's goals. The ultimate goal is to accomplish the organization's objectives, develop people so they are prepared for the future, and keep good talent.

After completing the mentoring to advance performance and abilities of a leader

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve employee performance by utilizing leadership coaching knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques.
  • Hone your abilities and skills
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues
  • Conduct a performance-driven conversation
  • Encourage staff to implement positive changes
  • Cultivate strong bonds of trust with coworkers and others

The target audience of ‘coaching to develop performance and abilities’

Formal and informal leaders who encourage their teams to perform at their best and help others discover their talents; Participants should ideally have at least five years of professional experience, with at least one year in management or supervision.

3 days

$ 11,500

Presented by JW

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) For Transformational Leadership

3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Transformational Leadership

Definition of a good Emotional intelligence for a Leader

Leaders progressively need to possess high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ). According to research, 90% of high achievers have strong emotional intelligence. Many managers have received promotions as a result of their strong technical/functional abilities and commitment to their organizations. However, with a newer generation of younger and more diverse employees, many of these leaders struggle to enlist and motivate their staff to work effectively because they lack training in EQ skills.

Understanding and controlling our own emotions as well as the emotions of those around us is referred to as emotional intelligence. The way we recognize, understand, and demonstrate ourselves, connect with others, control interpersonal communication, and deal with challenges is governed by a set of emotional, social, and relational skills. EQ abilities can be acquired, enhanced, and developed.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are capable of remaining calm and present in stressful circumstances because they are fully aware of their own emotions. They are able to express their ideas clearly, identify other people's emotions, and give feedback. Leaders with high EQ are better able to train, implement change, and settle disputes among members of the team, which improves group performance.

Course objective of Emotional quotient for Transformational Leadership

This course's goal is to give students the emotional competence they need to mentor and lead others as well as manage their own emotions. Our capacity to understand, interpret, and react to the emotions of others is just as crucial as our capacity to express and regulate our own emotions. By fostering relationships, inspiring teams, facilitating change, and managing conflicts through these useful EQ Leadership Coaching skills, the ultimate goal is to achieve the organizational goals.

After completing EQ for Transformational Leadership

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Use transformational coaching techniques to empower staff members
  • Control one's feelings, coolness, and presence in testy circumstances.
  • Become more adept at interpreting others' body language, facial expressions, and emotional states
  • Clearly communicate with others and exert influence
  • Develop empathy for others and your ability to handle challenging conversations
  • Motivate change and control conflict

The target audience of Emotional intelligence for Transformational Leadership

Formal and informal leaders who inspire their teams to perform at their best. Directors, Business leaders, supervisors, managers, and HR leaders are some of these.

2 days

$ 7900

Presented by JW

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